Helsinki Parish Church Village

St. Laurus Church in Vantaa

Vantaa’s St. Laurus Church and its surroundings are part of the parish church village of Helsinki, which is the best-preserved historical church village environment in Southern Finland.

The church, built in the mid-15th century, was destroyed in a fire in 1893, with the exception of its stone parts. The church is surrounded by the cemetery of the parish church of Helsinki, which is the main cemetery of the parishes in Vantaa.

The dark-colored interior creates an atmosphere

The dark-looking church hall can accommodate about 500 people. The benches and funnels and other wooden interiors are dark brown in color, while the stone walls and pillars are painted yellowish.

The window of the shell is decorated with an impressive stained glass window depicting Jesus comforting a pilgrim. Below the window is an altarpiece, a painting imitating Leonardo da Vinci’s Holy Communion. The stylized Gothic decorative paintings of the vaults have been modeled on the paintings of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

St. Lawrence Church – the most beautiful Christmas carols

You can tune into the Christmas atmosphere by singing your favorite Christmas songs. In St. Laurus Church, where the Most Beautiful Christmas Songs event is held every year.

Under Christmas in December, familiar and beloved songs echo in the church and are sung together. In St. Laurus Church, the most beautiful Christmas carols are one of the most popular events of the year, gathering people of all ages in the church.

Chapel of St. Lawrence

A chapel of blessing, St. Lawrence Chapel, has been built next to St. Lawrence Church. It was awarded as the concrete structure of the year for its skilful design and professional execution in the year of completion 2010.

The functional and architectural building fits into a historic landscape with an emphasis on craftsmanship. The larger hall of the chapel can accommodate about 100 people and the smaller one about 25 people.

You can also visit St. Chapel’s Chapel from our nearby hotel!

St. Laurus Church, located in the parish church of Helsinki Parish, is the main church of the Tikkurila parish and the Swedish-speaking parish of Vantaa. The medieval greystone church is the oldest building in the Helsinki metropolitan area and one of the most popular wedding churches in Finland.

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